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Not only my sex life has been improved but also my mood has improved in general and I dont look depressive as I did before. I sense that everybody is wondering the reason behind being a nicer guy at work and all of these good things in my life happened thanks to Delay!
Andy (NZ)

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My lasting while having sex was not so bad but I needed an extra penetration time to fully satisfy my girl friend. After using Delay Pills, we can reach orgasm together and it is really amazing!

By taking 3 months course of Delay Pills, I said goodbye to the humiliation caused by premature ejaculation. After all those years of embarrassment, now I feel like a real man in the bedroom.

My premature ejaculation was a bit extreme case since I was ejaculating even before penetrating in vagina. So I took a 6 months "Delay" cure. Now I'm enjoying lasting longer in bed even though I stopped using Delay Pills.

I had really hard times because of my husband's premature ejaculation and I could hardly convinced him to give a try to Delay Pills. After two months we noticed great improvements in our sex life. Now we have a happier relationship. Many thanks!

I bought Delay through your website upon a recommendation of a friend. I must say I am greatly satisfied with the results! I experienced all those great effects of Delay. This is the product I was waiting for! Thank you!
I wish I came across your website earlier especially when I think the wonderful girls who slipped through my fingers because of my premature ejaculation problem. Delay Pills do wonders!

Premature ejaculation is not only embarrassing for men but also for women. As it was difficult to talk about this situation, I decided to buy secretly Delay pills for my boyfriend on your website and gave him as gift. He doesnít say anything but I can see his thankful eyes after our sex sessions ending both breathless.

I first took a 3 months cure of Delay Pills. But since my stamina was so weak and I was suffering badly from premature ejaculation, I didnít give up and took another 3 bottles of Delay. At the end of 6 months, I completely get rid of premature ejaculation and my stamina was greatly improved. Words are not enough to thank you!

All your services were great from placing an order to the end; discreet packaging, fast delivery..etc. and mostly importantly your product "Delay" is great! I didnít say my wife, it is my secret but it looks like she is happy too with the results, because she is smiling more often ;)

I cannot describe the deception I experienced in the bedroom before I found and used Delay Pills. Cumming too quickly just after a few pumps was very awful as I couldn't find anything to say to my girl friend and it was effecting very badly our relationship. Thanks God I found your Delay Pills at the right time and saved my relationship !

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